Parties for Children Aged 4 – 8

The older they get, the more children can immerse themselves in drama games that stretch their minds as well as their bodies!

Choose one of the following themes, or speak to me if you have an idea that would be perfect for your child.

All themes are tailored to the age of your child.

High Seas Adventure

Choose a pirate or a mermaid to lead your little shipmates in a swashbuckling adventure on the high seas. Remember, X marks the spot. And there’ll be no mutinies either – I know how to deal with them!

The Sparkle Princess Ball

Princess Sparkle needs your help to create a groovy dance routine for the birthday ball at the palace.

Jumping Jellywobbles

Fairy Jellywobbles is on an important mission – to find all the clues in the fairytale forest that lead to a very special party.

Desert Island Hula Party

Wiggle those hips and grab a parrot as we party under the coconut trees.


What’s your superpower? These crime-busting kids will save the world!

Knights and Dragons

He’s scaly, he’s got wings, he breathes fire when he sings! Can the little knights save the village from the dragon?

Hocus Pocus Party

Wanted! Wizards and Witches. No experience necessary – for magic lurks around every corner. Who needs Hogwarts?

Jungle Capers

Your world-famous explorers venture deep into the jungle in their quest to rescue the near-extinct falafa bird from the evil Professor Snarf.

Never Never Land

The Lost Boys and Girls must rescue Tinkerbell from Hook and his Pirates. But what’s that sound? Tick tock, tick tock…

Wild West Hoedown

Saddle up and ride on down to the rootinest, tootinest party you’ll ever see. Yee-ha!

The Magic Toyshop

The toys come to life when the shopkeeper closes up for the night. But can they save the shop when disaster strikes?

‘Sara and her fantastic Pirate Adventure were absolutely fantastic. Before the arrival of Long Jane Silver my house was under fire with kids having cushions fights and me trying to keep order. The arrival of Long Jane Silver sent a buzz amongst the children. Anticipation was high. Once proceedings commenced, order was resumed! Sara took control in a fun and commanding fashion.

The children embarked on an amazing high energy adventure: the musical score, script, roles and sheer energy of Sara were fantastic. From our first phonecall I knew it would be good. Sara’s professionalism and organisation instilled much confidence in me. I highly recommend Sara and await a new adventure next year!’
Yvvonne Tomlin

Party on!