Parties – Frequently Asked Questions

What type and size of venue do I need?

I can run the party in almost any venue, from a church hall to your living room or, if the weather’s good, the garden (though I’d need an extension lead for the music). The venue simply needs to be big enough to hold all the children you are planning on inviting. It does help to have as much space as possible though – things can get lively!

How many children can you cater for?

It’s probably best to have no more than about 25 children. If you are planning something big, speak to me, as I would normally bring an assistant in these cases, which adds a little to the cost (see below).

How long does a party last?

Parties are normally one or two hours long. For children aged 1-3 I’d recommend only one hour. For children aged four and over, one hour is perfectly adequate, though two hours is a whole lot of fun. It is, however, a long time for them to concentrate, so I would normally run the session for just over an hour, then I would help you with the food break, before resuming the party for the remainder of the time.

Can parents stay and watch?

For parties for children aged 1-3, a parent needs to stay with each child. This helps children, particularly younger ones, to take part and to get the most out of the games and fun.

For children aged four and over, parties are generally a parent-free zone. It helps the children to relax without feeling they’re being monitored, and means you can take a breather in the other room for a while! There is usually a photo opportunity at the end of the party for parents to take photos, while some parties culminate in a performance for parents.

Are you police checked, insured, able to administer first aid?

I, and all my team, have enhanced CRB (Criminal Records Bureau) disclosures and are fully insured. You are more than welcome to see these, though they’re a bit dull – no plot or pictures.
I am also trained in paediatric first aid.

How much do parties cost?

Ah, the big one. Parties of up to 25 children cost £105 for an hour, or £180 for two hours.
For parties of more than 25 children, where I or my party leader will have to bring an assistant, for an extra cost.
Parties are paid for in advance, preferably by bank transfer or cheque.

Why pick you and not one of these other drama party companies?

Good question. For a start, because I am not a large organisation or a franchise, I can keep my prices competitive.

Secondly, because I run everything myself, I can tailor the party to the needs of your child or the group you are inviting. Even if it is one of my talented team delivering the party, I will have planned the party myself, meaning that your child will get a day that is perfectly tailored to them, with mention of all their favourite things, and pitched at a level that is just right. No two parties are the same. Similarly, if there are children with disabilities or special educational needs, I have a wealth of experience in supporting groups of all abilities to be fully inclusive and to enjoy their time together.

I appreciate there are a lot of individuals and companies vying for the opportunity to provide your party. If you want to discuss any aspect of your plans with me, or ask a few more questions with no obligation, I’d be happy to help. See the Contact page for my details.